Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hungarian One Hundred Million Pengos

Hungarian one hundred million (100,000,000) Pengo hyperinflation note.

Initially a supporter of the Axis powers, Hungary went to war with Russia - with disastrous results. Believing that the Axis would lose, Hungarian leaders then tried to reach an agreement with the Allied powers. Unfortunately, the scheme was uncovered by Hitler and Hungary became a Nazi-occupied territory in 1944.

Later, when the Nazis retreated, they stole Hungary's gold reserves, compelling the war-torn nation to run the printing presses. Alternatively, it is also possible that the hyperinflation was deliberately started by Russian Marxists to sabotage the economy.

Either way, by 1945 Pengo denominations had exceeded one million and July 1946 became the most severe period of hyperinflation in History, with prices doubling every 15 hours.

These banknotes are 63 years old!

Notes are in VG-XF condition.
Shipped directly from Hungary.
Stocks are available.

S$10 each!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Variant New-style Prop Hundred Dollars

Another variant of the new-style 100 dollar prop note.
Same size as a real US dollar bill (6.6cm x 15.6cm).
Stocks are available.

S$2 each!

Ready-made stacks are also available for film production or decorative purposes. Only two notes per stack, the middle is made of blank filler paper.

S$4 per stack!

Contact me if you need to order in bulk (10 stacks or more) for an even lower price!